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Soil and crop sciences student in the field

Soil and Crop Sciences

Earn a Soil and Crop Sciences Associate Degree

Apply your interest in agriculture and food systems to earn a plant and soil science degree at Aims. Study foundational soil science and crop production systems, also known as agronomy, at the Aims Fort Lupton campus in Weld County, the heart of Colorado farm country. This foundation underlies all agricultural production and nurtures healthy plant growth for the food system. This associate of science degree with designation transfers to bachelor's programs at participating public four-year Colorado institutions.   

Areas of study for the soil and crop sciences degree include:

  • Crop production
  • Precision agriculture
  • Farm and ranch management
  • Agricultural finance and marketing
  • Global food supply, macroeconomics and human nutrition
  • Soil science

Aims offers two degree tracks designed to help you meet your career goals in soil and crop sciences and related fields. 

If you don't plan to continue your education with a bachelor's degree, you can pursue a production agriculture associate of applied science degree and enter the workforce directly after completing the two-year program. 

“Despite all of our accomplishments, our very existence relies on a six-inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains.”
--Kirk Goble, Agriculture Instructor

Cultivate Your Future By Digging Into Plants and Soil

Aims Degree Video - Agricultural Sciences and Technology - Soil and Crop Sciences

Agricultural department instructor Kirk Goble describes the hands-on experiences, skills and exciting opportunities you’ll gain with an agronomy degree from Aims.

Gain Experience and Knowledge for Your Future in Agriculture

During this two-year agronomy degree program, you’ll learn the fundamentals of soil and crop management and gain practical skills in a variety of subjects including: 

  • Crop and seed identification
  • Crop cultivation and adaptation
  • Weed identification
  • Weed control methods
  • Tillage systems
  • Irrigation systems
  • Agricultural finance and banking
  • Farm machinery mechanics

In addition to hands-on skills, you will also develop the soft skills that employers want, including follow-through, communication and planning. 

“It's really gratifying when students get back in touch with us to tell us how much farther ahead they were in their classes because of their time at Aims.” --Kirk Gobel, agriculture instructor at Aims

My instructors at Aims gave me an edge that will help me succeed in my career because they taught me to always keep up with current trends and developments in agriculture. That will always make me an asset to any employer.

Melanie Hansen
Aims Agriculture Program Graduate
Melanie Hansen Aims agriculture program graduate

Earn a Soil & Crop Sciences Certificate

Acquire skills that can benefit your agriculture career or earn credit toward an associate degree with a soil and crop science certificate from Aims. Learn farm and ranch management, crop management, soil science, production agriculture and mechanics and precision agriculture methods and technology.

  • Production Agriculture and Crops Certificate
  • Production Agriculture Mechanics Certificate
  • Introduction to Precision Agriculture Certificate
  • Precision Agriculture Certificate

Soil and Crop Science Careers

Agriculture is more than farming; it also includes crop consulting, soil science and agricultural education. A wide variety of agriculture career opportunities contribute to feeding communities safely and effectively. You can apply an associate degree or certificate from Aims to a career in agriculture right away or transfer to complete your bachelor’s degree at a four-year school. Earning a plant and soil sciences degree prepares you for a range of farming and agricultural positions. 

Careers for graduates with a soil and crop sciences degree include:

  • Agronomist
  • Soil surveyor
  • Seed, chemical or fertilizer consultant
  • Plant breeder
  • Farm manager
  • Agricultural products inspector
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Crop consultant
  • Agriculture extension agent
  • Agriculture educator
  • Land-use planner
  • Farm machinery
  • Precision agriculture specialist

Soil and Crop Sciences Faculty and Staff

Learn from local instructors with decades of experience in high plains agriculture. Aims instructors stay up-to-date with the latest in agricultural science and the curricula taught at four-year agricultural schools. The small class sizes at Aims mean you can receive plenty of individual attention and build relationships with your peers and instructors.

  • Headshot of Amy McFarland

    Amy McFarland

    Department Chair, Agriculture
  • Headshot of Cassandra Anderson

    Cassandra Anderson

    Part-Time: Faculty, Agriculture
  • Headshot of Jason French

    Jason French

    Part-Time: Faculty, Agriculture
  • Headshot of Lynn Ingegneri

    Lynn Ingegneri

    Part-Time: Instructional Lab Coordinator I, Agriculture Sciences
  • Headshot of David Swieter

    David Swieter

    Part-Time: Professional Equipment Mechanic, Automotive
  • Megan Blaser headshot

    Megan Blaser

    Department Coordinator, Agriculture & Technology
  • Linda Richardson headshot

    Linda Richardson

    Staff Associate, Business & Technology