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Earn a French Associate Degree at Aims

Do you seek to understand other cultures? Are you interested in studying the rich and influential history of France while learning the native language? A degree in French from Aims will put you on a path to becoming a fluent speaker while opening doors to a wide variety of careers and opportunities.

If you enjoyed taking foreign language classes in high school and are also captivated by the world of business, continuing your French studies can be a logical and rewarding next step. Whether a career in teaching has always intrigued you, or you’re seeking a different career path where competency in a second language can give you an edge, French is a versatile degree that can help you achieve your career goals.

Earning an associate degree in French from Aims puts you on an affordable path to getting your bachelor’s degree. Thanks to a statewide agreement between community colleges and universities, upon completion of this liberal arts associate degree, you can transfer to any participating four-year public university in Colorado as a junior and earn your bachelor’s degree in French. Taking your general education degree requirements at Aims instead of a four-year institution can save substantial costs. 

At Aims, your instructors, Pathway Advisors and Transitions Center coaches will work together to help your transfer go smoothly.

If you’re ready to embark on a career that allows you to communicate in French and open opportunities on a global scale, learn more about this degree from Aims.

Gain French Language and Cultural Knowledge

The scope of earning an associate degree in French goes beyond improving your fluency in another language. Your path to becoming a Francophone will also allow you to immerse yourself in understanding cultures who speak the language while deepening your knowledge of French literature and history.

At Aims, you’ll receive the foreign language foundation necessary to transition to a more intensive French bachelor’s degree program that prepares you to follow your passion in your career.

In this two-year program, you’ll also become more proficient in the soft skills employers find valuable such as:

  • Effective presentation
  • Confident interaction
  • Active listening
  • Clear written communication
  • Increased memory
  • Cultural diversity awareness

Because students who major in French follow several different career paths, instructors and Pathway Advisors are able to help guide you to choose the general education courses that best fit your needs.

Careers with an Associate Degree in French

France has one of the world’s largest economies and is a leading destination for foreign investment. French is also the official language of over 30 countries. From a career perspective, the benefits of speaking French are vast, especially if you are also interested in business.

Examples of career paths students follow with a degree in French include:

  • Education
  • Translator/interpreter
  • Diplomat
  • Political science
  • International business
  • Foreign market analyst
  • Sommelier 
  • English instructor abroad

Continue Your French Studies at a Colorado Four-Year Public University

Thanks to a Statewide Transfer Articulation Agreement in Colorado, after graduating from Aims with an Associate of Arts degree, you can go on to study at any participating public university statewide.

Below is a list of colleges and universities in Colorado that are a part of this statewide agreement and offer bachelor's degrees in French (or similar).

Here’s what your journey from Aims to a Bachelor’s degree in French will look like:

  1. An Aims Admissions Advisor can answer your questions about this degree transfer program and help you get started on the path to earning your degree.
  2. After becoming an Aims student, you’ll choose classes to earn your French associate degree. Your Aims Pathway Advisor will help you ensure you follow the pathway that best suits you and helps you reach your goals.
  3. During your time at Aims, you'll also work with an Aims Transfer Coach to get help choosing the school you’d like to transfer to and researching what scholarships are available.
  4. You can also reach out to a transfer advisor at your chosen four-year school to make sure you're choosing classes that will support you when you go on to complete your bachelor's degree.
  5. Before graduating from Aims, your Transfer Coach will help you prepare for the transition to your new school as a junior.
Aims2UNC Program

The Aims2UNC Transition Program

Aims2UNC is a joint initiative streamlining the path for students to seamlessly transition between the two colleges. You'll get support from advisors specific to this program who will assist you as you earn your associate and bachelor's degree in French.

Learn more

French Faculty and Staff

Aims French faculty teach among small class sizes with your needs and interests in mind. They’ll jumpstart your ability to become fluent in the language while helping you understand how to create intercultural connections with those in French-speaking countries as you prepare to transition to a four-year degree after graduation.

  • Rebecca Sailor headshot

    Rebecca Sailor

    Department Chair - Humanities, Philosophy & World Languages
    Professor, Humanities
  • Portrait of  Amelia Bucklew

    Amelia Bucklew

    Associate Professor, World Languages
  • Headshot of Aims World Languages instructor Lucile Lunde

    Lucile Lunde

    Adjunct Instructor, French and German