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Transfer Services

Transfer Services is part of the Transitions Center at Aims Community College. This department helps you prepare for your next destination if you wish to transfer to a 4-year college or university upon graduation. To ensure you follow the pathway that best suits you and helps you reach your goals, this preparation begins your first semester at Aims Community College and continues through completion of your associate degree.

Connecting with a transfer coach is the best way to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Get Support to Meet Your Goals to Transfer to a Four-Year University

Aims Transfer Services can help you find your right-fit four-year college so you can transfer with confidence.
Aims Degree Video - Transfer Services

Jackie Chabot, Transfer Services Coordinator at Aims, shares how Aims can help you save a substantial amount on tuition by attending Aims before transferring to a four-year school. Get help choosing your next school, meet with recruiters and take campus tours, and find support with the application process with help from Transfer Services.

A Transfer Coach Can Help You

Transfer coaches can offer valuable insight into your options upon graduation and can aid in the following:

  • Researching colleges and universities that match your educational and career plans
  • Navigating the transfer application and scholarship processes
  • Connecting you to people and support services at your transfer institution 

Use the link to easily schedule an appointment with a transfer coach. (If the times available don't work for you, please contact us at to set up an appointment.)

Transfer Services also offers:

  • Campus visits to Colorado colleges and universities, including: the University of Northern Colorado and Colorado State University
  • Recruiter visits from Colorado, regional, and online colleges and universities
  • National Student Transfer Week (October)
  • Transfer fairs and workshops

Note: Transfer Services events, programs, and coaching are available in-person and online.

Aims2UNC Program

Aims2UNC Program

Achieve your academic goals with a clear path from an associate degree at Aims to a bachelor’s degree at the University of Northern Colorado.

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Transfer Services Events

Transfer Services Staff

Headshot of Rachel Veretto

Rachel Veretto

Program Director III, Transitions Center
Headshot of Jackie Chabot

Jackie Chabot

Transfer Services Coach