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Students in geology lab examining a rock sample


Earn a Geology Associate Degree at Aims

Are you interested in studying the processes that shape our planet and help make life on Earth possible? Whether you’re a lifelong rock hound or new to this multifaceted scientific discipline, the geology associate degree program at Aims will give you the skills and knowledge to transfer to a four-year college, earn a bachelor’s degree and embark on a career as a geologist. 

Earning a geology degree at Aims allows you to earn a bachelor’s degree while paying less in tuition. Thanks to a statewide agreement between community colleges and universities, upon completion of your associate degree at Aims you can transfer to any participating four-year public university in Colorado as a junior and earn your bachelor’s degree in geology. Taking your general education degree requirements at Aims instead of a four-year institution can save you considerable cost. 

At Aims, your instructors, Pathway Advisors and coaches at the Aims Transitions Center will work together to guide you through the transfer process.

Are you excited to study geologic formations and processes? Explore your options for earning a geology associate degree at Aims.

Gain Geology Knowledge and Skills at Aims

In the Aims geology associate degree program, you’ll study subjects including types of rocks, how rocks are formed and broken down by water and air, geologic hazards and the vast span of geologic time. In hands-on classes that include lab sections, you’ll learn to extrapolate this knowledge to real-world scenarios, including:

  • Extracting natural resources and minerals for industry
  • Predicting earthquakes and volcanic activity
  • Safely positioning homes and other buildings on the earth’s surface

Each geology course has a lab component where you’ll get to explore scientific processes and examine specimens. The geology classroom at Aims has an extensive rock, mineral and fossil collection and various geologic, earthquake and tectonic plate maps on display. 

In the Aims geology degree program, you’ll learn to:

  • Identify rock and mineral types
  • Collect and analyze data
  • Draw conclusions based on data-gathering
  • Accurately apply the scientific method
  • Read geologic and topographic maps

You’ll also learn soft skills that employers value in potential hires, including:

  • Critical thinking and analysis
  • Problem-solving
  • Data synthesis
  • Applying concepts
  • Collaboration

General education and elective courses will round out your degree requirements. Many geology students take additional algebra courses to help them better understand scientific processes. Getting your general education requirements at Aims is beneficial not just in terms of lower cost, but also smaller class sizes and one-on-one support from instructors who are dedicated to teaching.

Careers in Geology

Geology offers a wide variety of career options that help assess safety risks, monitor geologic hazards, safely extract natural resources and more. 

Examples of careers you can pursue with a bachelor’s degree in geology include:

  • Research geologist with state or federal agencies, including USGS
  • Environmental geologist 
  • Environmental consultant
  • Geologic hazard monitor and assessor
  • City planner
  • Water resource allocation expert
  • Climate researcher
  • Oil and gas or mineral exploration geologist

Continue Your Geology Studies at a Colorado Four-Year Public University

Thanks to a Statewide Transfer Articulation Agreement in Colorado, after graduating from Aims with an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science degree, you can go on to study at any participating public university statewide.
Below is a list of colleges and universities in Colorado that are a part of this statewide agreement and offer bachelor's degrees in geology. 

Adams State University
(B.S. Geology)

Colorado Mesa University
(B.S. Geosciences; Geology concentration)

Colorado State University - Ft Collins
(B.S. Geology; Geology concentration)

Fort Lewis College 
(B.S. Geology; Geology option)

Metropolitan State University of Denver
(B.S. Applied Geology)

University of Colorado Boulder
(B.A. Geology)

University of Northern Colorado
(B.S. Earth Sciences; Geology emphasis)

Western Colorado University 
(B.S. Geology)

Here’s what your journey from Aims to a Bachelor’s degree in geology will look like:

  1. An Aims Admissions Advisor can answer your questions about this degree transfer program and help you get started on the path to earning your degree.
  2. After becoming an Aims student, you’ll choose classes to earn your geology associate degree. Your Aims Pathway Advisor will help ensure you follow the pathway that best suits you and helps you reach your goals.
  3. Throughout your time at Aims, you'll also work with an Aims Transfer Coach to get help choosing the school you’d like to transfer to and researching what scholarships are available.
  4. You can also reach out to a transfer advisor at your chosen four-year school to make sure you're choosing classes that will support you when you go on to complete your bachelor's degree.
  5. Before graduating from Aims, your Transfer Coach will help you prepare for the transition to your new school as a junior.
Aims2UNC Program

The Aims2UNC Transition Program

Aims2UNC is a joint initiative streamlining the path for students to seamlessly transition between the two colleges. You’ll get support from advisors specific to this program who will assist you as you earn your associate and bachelor's degrees in geology.

Learn more

Leverage Your Associate Degree in Geology to Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Related Subjects

While many Aims geology students go on to earn a bachelor’s or higher degree in this subject, some go on to major in other disciplines, including:

  • Paleontology
  • Anthropology
  • Meteorology and atmospheric science
  • Environmental science
  • Geochemistry
  • Biogeochemistry

You can also choose one of the majors above and declare a minor in geology. Work with your Pathway Advisor to choose the courses that you’ll need to fulfill requirements and understand that you may need to make up some credits if you choose a new major.

Geology Faculty and Staff

The geology faculty at Aims love sharing their enthusiasm for geology with students. You’ll get to go on guided walks with instructors around campus or take short drives to view and discuss some of the incredible rock formations here in Northern Colorado. You’ll also receive rigorous instruction in fundamental concepts and scientific methods designed to prepare you for the challenges of a four-year geology program.