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Transfer Evaluation FAQ

This page provides answers to common questions students and parents might have about obtaining a transfer evaluation at Aims. Click on the links in the sidebar to view the questions and answers for other Registration and Records-related topics.

When should I transfer my credits?

  • As soon as you know you will be using transfer credit towards your degree or certificate, you should submit your transcripts to the Registration & Records Office. This will avoid duplicating work that you already have.
  • To use your credits towards graduation, submit transcripts by the midterm of the semester prior to the anticipated semester of graduation.
  • Transcripts can be submitted electronically through a secure sender or mailed to Aims Community College. 


What courses transfer?

  • Courses must be from an accredited college or university, or other approved institution.
  • Courses with a grade of "C-" or better 
  • Credits that are less than 10 years old will generally transfer. Some credits may be obsolete even when less than 10 years old due to rapidly changing field standards (see Credit for Prior Learning and Work Experience for information on your opportunity to show you are staying current in a particular field). Credits older than 10 years will also receive careful consideration for transfer.


How many credits may I transfer?

To receive an Aims degree, a minimum of 15 semester hours of coursework applicable to the degree must be taken at Aims. For a certificate, you must complete a minimum of 50 percent of the coursework applicable to the certificate at Aims. Transfer and Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) credit may make up the rest of your degree or certificate.


Do my transfer credit grades count towards my Aims GPA?

You start fresh when you transfer your credits. Transfer credit is recorded on the student's official Aims transcript as earned credit only. Transfer grades are not calculated into your Aims GPA.


What happens if my previous credits are from a quarter credit system?

Coursework from institutions using the quarter credit system is transferred into Aims using the formula of one quarter-hour equals 2/3 semester hour. Some courses offered under the quarter system do not have as many clock hours as those offered on the semester system so may not be considered equivalent to courses offered at Aims.


Do you accept credit from international institutions?

Students must have international transcripts translated into an English “course-by-course” evaluation by a recognized translation service prior to submitting them. We will need you to also order translated course descriptions for any course submitted for evaluation. Students can use World Education Services for foreign credential translation. 


What is a Prior Learning Assessment Credit?

Credit for Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Credit is another way to receive credit toward your Aims program for learning that took place outside of a traditional college or university. Please see Prior Learning & Experience Credit for more information.


Do you accept CLEP, IB, AP or other credit-earning tests?

Aims is very happy to review your test credits. Please see Prior Learning & Experience Credit for more information on what tests and scores we accept.


How do I transfer my credit to Aims Community College?

Follow these simple instructions.

Note: Official transcripts covering a student's previous schools, submitted to the college as part of the admissions or transfer evaluation procedures, become part of the official file and will not be returned to the student. The college does not issue or certify copies of transcripts from other institutions.