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Graduation FAQ

This page provides answers to common questions students and parents might have about graduation at Aims. Click on the links in the sidebar to view the questions and answers for other Registration & Records-related topics.

Will graduation requirements be adjusted in any way?

No. Students must meet all requirements that are outlined in their catalog year to graduate.


Who do I notify if my graduation plans have changed?

Please email letting them know your graduation plans have changed. This way, your graduation application can either be moved to a new term or can be removed from the system and you can reapply for graduation once you have registered for your remaining course(s). 


I need to change my preferred name and/or need to update my address for my diploma, how will I go about completing these forms and submitting them for processing?

Please log into your student Workday account and, under your 'Top Apps', choose 'Personal Information'. Under the left column on the next screen titled 'Change', you can select either 'Contact Information', 'Personal Information', Legal Name', or 'Preferred Name'. Once you make an edit, it will be routed to the Registration & Records team for review. If approved, you will be notified in Workday. If you have questions, please contact


I need to declare the program I would like to graduate with, so I can submit a graduation application. Where do I find this form & how will I get this form submitted?

Please log into your student Workday account and type 'Create Request'. from the dropdown menu, please choose 'STUDENT PROGRAM OF STUDY: POS Update Request'. Once you you submit a request, it will be routed to the Registration & Records team for review. If you have questions, please contact

Please make sure to include if you need to add this program to an existing program you are already declared in or if you would like to replace the existing program with this new one. 

I am planning to transfer the remaining credits for my program to graduate. What is the deadline to get an official transcript sent to Aims from the institution I am taking the course(s) from?

Please visit the Graduation page for each term’s graduation deadlines. If you have questions about graduation, please email If you have questions regarding courses you would like to transfer back to Aims, please speak with your advisor or email


Will I still graduate if I did not participate in the Spring ceremony?

Graduation is not dependent on the ceremony. To graduate and have your degree and/or certificate conferred, all requirements must be completed by the graduation deadline. Please email letting them know your graduation plans have changed if you are unable to meet these deadlines.


How will I get my diploma?

All graduates will receive an electronic diploma to their Aims email account and a paper diploma via mail after degrees have been conferred. For more information on when diplomas will be mailed, visit the Graduation page. If you need to update your mailing address, please download and fill out an Information Change Form. If you can scan and email this form back, send it to to be processed. If you are unable to complete this form and get it scanned and emailed, please send an email from your Aims email to with the information you need updated. It must come from your Aims email for security purposes  (do not use your d2L or personal email to send this information).


I have a graduation question, who do I contact?

You can start by visiting the Graduation page to see if your question is answered there. Further graduation questions can be emailed to