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Future Educators Club

Future Educators is taking a brief hiatus for this semester, but we're eager to connect with you if you're interested in becoming part of our community. Your interest and participation mean a lot to us, and we'd love to hear from you!

The purpose of this club is to gather students who are interested in or pursuing a major related to education.
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Students who are interested in or pursuing a major related to education, such as Early Childhood, Elementary & Secondary Education, School Counseling, Speech Therapy and many others can enhance their time at Aims by joining the Future Educators Club. This club will be a support system that allows students to explore transfer opportunities, make connections, get involved and build practical experience. We will have a variety of valuable opportunities for members. These may include volunteering (schools, clubs, programs and events) or attending events such as school board meetings or UNC’s Future Teachers Conference.

For more information or to join, please visit us on Campus Connect.