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Hiking Club

We are, of course, hikers! We hike up peaks and on long trails, learning about nature and ourselves along the way. We are first and foremost founded on the principles of friendship, exploration, and respect for both one another and nature. This club is a safe space for individuals of any race, religion, gender identity, or creed.
Hiking Club Logo (Arty Climbing a Mountain)

Middle of the Month Saturdays at 12PM

Circular Bench Area behind the Horizon Building

Our organization's mission is...

To foster a community of adventurers committed to the exploration of this natural world.  We aim to inspire a love and respect for the outdoors, promote physical well-being, and cultivate friendships and professional connections that last a lifetime.  We strive for utmost safety, inclusiveness, and personal responsibility while on the trail.

Some Gear Requirements:

  • Sturdy, Well-fitting boots, preferably made for hiking.
  • Weather-appropriate clothing that functions in layers.
  • Gloves and Headwear to prevent common frostbite locations.
  • Water, whether it be in a bottle or hydration pack.
  • Sunglasses, if a large amount of snow and sun burns your retinas.

And some suggested items are things like snacks, trekking poles, first aid items, etc.


Can't afford or gain access to the required gear?  No worries!

Hiking Club offers the option to acquire the gear through the club itself.  If you are interested in hiking club but cannot participate due to insufficient funds, first of all, BEEN THERE!  And second of all, we will help you get started!  So never feel like you are incapable of joining hiking club due to your current situation in life.

Next Meeting Time and Date

Saturday, February 17, 2024 -- 12:00 pm

Meeting Location

Hiking Club Meeting Location