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Aims Community College medical student prepping a medical device

Zero-cost healthcare training

Earn a certificate in an in-demand healthcare career with Care Forward Colorado

Ready for your next step?

Start a healthcare career for free at Aims

Care Forward Colorado provides zero-cost, short-term training at Aims Community College to prepare you for in-demand healthcare positions. All Care Forward Colorado participants must fill out a FAFSA in order to qualify for funding.

In one year or less, you will earn a certificate and learn the skills to become a certified nursing assistant, medical assistant, phlebotomy technician or emergency services professional. 

Aims offers flexible program options to fit your schedule, so you can earn your certificate without putting your life on hold. You'll gain valuable hands-on experience and skills you can put to work in a career as soon as you complete your program. 

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Students who enroll in specific short-term health care training programs at Aims Community College will pay nothing, thanks to the new Care Forward Colorado program. If you're not interested in a healthcare career, the Career Advance Colorado program offers zero-cost certificates at Aims in the growing fields of construction, early childhood education, elementary education, firefighting, law enforcement and nursing.

Why choose a career in healthcare?

Healthcare jobs are some of the fastest-growing in Colorado and provide a wage that can support you and your family. There’s also an opportunity to advance in your career. Once you earn your certificate through Care Forward Colorado, you can continue your training in a healthcare degree program at Aims to add to your skill set and qualify for higher-paying jobs.

Qualifying certificate programs at Aims

Select a program to see program details and application requirements
Nurse aide student helps a patient stand up out of bed

Nurse Aide

Are you interested in a healthcare career but unsure where to start? The nurse aide certificate program at Aims is a great way to learn an in-demand healthcare role in just four weeks.

Explore Nurse Aide
Clinical medical assisting students

Medical Assistant

Gain the skills to become a medical clinical assistant. Learn to perform blood draws, injections, EKGs and urinalysis, electronic medical records (EHR) and get practice in providing direct patient care.

Explore Medical Assistant
Aims Allied Health Professional degree students practicing in a lab setting


Gain the skills to become a phlebotomist at a hospital, clinic, lab or medical practice. Study and practice venipuncture, capillary puncture and special collection procedures, and learn quality control, infection prevention and laboratory computer systems.

Explore Phlebotomy
Sterile instrument processing students in class

Sterile Processing

Gain skills to work in healthcare materials management. Learn how to care for, handle and sterilize surgical instruments. Earning a certificate in sterile instrument processing gives you the opportunity to explore what it's like working in a healthcare setting while earning college credit.

Explore Sterile Processing
Emergency medical students loading a patient into an ambulance

Emergency Medical Technician

The 15-week, one-semester Aims emergency medical technician certificate program is a great way to start your EMS career. You’ll receive intensive hands-on training from experienced instructors who will prepare you for a career as a basic EMT. If you already have your EMT certificate, you can pursue an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician certificate.

Explore EMT
Paramedic students working on a manikin

Paramedic Preparation

If you are an EMT or AEMT, the paramedic preparation certificate prepares you to apply for the Aims paramedic certificate program. Study EMT fundamentals, medical and trauma emergencies, IV/IO therapy, and basic anatomy and physiology.

Explore Paramedic Preparation

What you need to know

How does it work?

Starting in Fall 2022, students who enroll in eligible healthcare certificate programs will have tuition, fees, and materials covered as Care Forward Colorado funding allows. Many programs, such as Nurse Aide and EMT, have rolling admissions periods with cohorts starting multiple times throughout the year, so you won’t have to wait to get started!

In addition to training, you may be connected to an “earn while you learn” opportunity—such as an apprenticeship—that could lead to your first job in healthcare.

How to get started

  1. Apply to Aims Community College
  2. Officially declare in one of the qualifying certificate programs.
  3. Register for classes required for the qualifying program you are declared in.
  4. Apply for FAFSA or CASFA.
  5. Complete the Care Forward Attestation Form.