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EMT Students practice during a class at Aims Community College

Emergency Medical Technician

Earn an EMT Certificate at Aims

Are you a compassionate and driven person who wants to make a positive impact in your community? Are you looking for an intense, fast-paced career that offers the chance to help people? The Aims emergency medical technician certificate program is a great way to start your emergency medical services or healthcare career. 

Serving under medical oversight, EMTs are a vital part of an overall emergency response. During this 15-week, one-semester EMT certificate program, you’ll receive intensive hands-on training from experienced instructors who will prepare you for a career as a basic EMT. 

However, earning the EMT certificate is just the first step toward starting your career. The EMT training program at Aims also prepares you to take both portions of the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) certification exam. After that, you can register with the state of Colorado and become a practicing EMT. 

If you’re interested in becoming a paramedic, earning an EMT certificate at Aims is the first step toward that goal. To apply to the Aims paramedic program, you must be a certified EMT. 

The Aims EMS program is recognized by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Based at the Public Safety Institute on the Windsor campus, the Aims EMT certificate training includes:

  • In-depth study of anatomy and physiology in lectures and labs using a high-tech Anatomage virtual cadaver table
  • An advanced EMS simulation studio with lifelike patient simulators
  • State-of-the-art lab equipment 
  • Working ambulances that allow you to train in a moving ambulance
  • Skill-building enrichment outings
  • A clinical experience with a fire department, ambulance service or hospital

Starting in your first week of class, you’ll have lab experiences in realistic simulations of emergency situations. 

Aims really helped me to see how to connect with instructors, to be identified as a student and not a number. If I asked for help, I was able to get it.

Kristine Skala
Aims EMS faculty and former student
Aims EMS instructor Kristie Skala

The Aims Emergency Medical Technician certificate program is in high demand and classes fill up quickly. Wherever you are on your educational journey, if you want to make a difference in people’s lives, Aims EMT training puts you on the path to a rewarding career.

Turn Your Passion for Helping People Into A Fulfilling Career as an EMT

Aims EMT Training Pairs Theory With Practice

The Aims EMT program is rigorous and competitive, with high expectations for students. You’ll wear a uniform and follow strict attendance requirements designed to prepare you for future work environments in EMS.

In this program, you’ll study:

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Patient assessment and treatment
  • Medical, trauma and special circumstance emergencies

In multiple lab sessions, you’ll run through various realistic scenarios that will give you hands-on practice at assessing and treating patients. The Aims EMT certificate program also offers unique enrichment opportunities not found in many other programs. These activities demonstrate different aspects of EMS, from medevac helicopters to burn centers to dive response. At the end of your classes and labs, you’ll do a clinical rotation in the community, gaining real-world experience with a fire department, hospital, ER department or ambulance service.


Care Forward Colorado

Get your costs covered

Care Forward Colorado is revitalizing Colorado's healthcare workforce through zero-cost, short-term training programs. Earn one of eight certificates in healthcare or emergency services at Aims and launch your new career path - without paying for tuition.

EMS and Refresher Classes for Experienced EMTs

If you’re an experienced basic EMT, you can take continuing education and refresher classes through the Aims EMS department. Study IV/IO therapy or take an NREMT recertification course.

Build Career Skills by Earning EMS Certificates at Aims

Aims offers several EMS certificates ranging from emergency medical responder through paramedic-level training. Build skills to advance your EMS career or enter the Aims paramedic associate degree program.

Embark on a Career as an EMT and Make a Difference in Your Community

There are many great reasons to earn an EMT certificate:

After earning your EMT certificate, you’ll be on your way to practicing as an EMT. The Aims EMT program prepares you to take the national EMT certification exam (NREMT). After earning your certification, you can apply for a state license to practice as an EMT in Colorado. This will also allow you to apply to the paramedic program at Aims.

Start your EMT career and work in settings including:

  • Fire department
  • Critical care transport organization
  • EMS staffing agency

EMT Faculty and Staff

The Aims EMT faculty and staff are all experienced in the field and many are Aims EMS program graduates. Learn from instructors who have worked in countless emergency scenarios and can teach you how to succeed in your career. Aims adjunct faculty work with various local agencies including fire departments, ambulance services and flight medic services and bring a diversity of experience to your education. 

  • Kristine Skala headshot

    Kristine Skala

    Professor, Emergency Medical Services
  • Heather Logan headshot

    Heather Logan

    Program Coordinator II, Emergency Medical Services
  • beth-meglin-headshot

    Beth Meglin

    Instructor, Emergency Medical Services