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Public Safety Bachelor of Applied Science

Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Safety at Aims

Are you looking to advance your career in public safety? If you work in EMS, fire science, law enforcement or emergency management, earning a bachelor’s degree in public safety administration can broaden your skills and prepare you for new professional challenges. Many municipalities and public safety departments now require a bachelor’s degree or higher when offering promotions to upper-level positions such as chief or division manager.

The Aims bachelor’s degree in public safety program is ideal for established professionals who have already earned an associate degree in a public safety discipline, such as EMS, fire science or law enforcement. If you have an associate degree in one of these areas, you’re already halfway toward earning this bachelor’s degree.

If you’re a new student entering college for the first time, Aims offers various public-safety-related associate degree programs on the Windsor Campus, including:

Gain Skills and Knowledge in Public Safety

Aims has always promoted a safe learning environment, which is what drove me to continue my education here. After earning an EMT Certificate at Aims in 2009, I returned after working in the field to earn my A.A.S. degree in Paramedicine in 2022. I am currently enrolled in the Public Safety Bachelor’s Degree program because I want to further my education to advance my career in EMS.

Jess Warfield
Aims graduate and Public Safety Bachelor's Degree student
Headshot of Aims EMS instructor Jessica Warfield

In addition to management, administrative and leadership skills, the Aims bachelor’s degree in public safety will give you a well-rounded inter-agency approach to disaster and crisis response planning and management. You’ll develop professional leadership skills and learn to collaborate with other agencies to coordinate public safety services in high-pressure situations. 

In this program, you will learn:

  • Public relations
  • Policies and procedures
  • Communication techniques
  • Human resources
  • Critical thinking

"More departments want their firefighters to have degrees, so if you want to be promoted, a bachelor's is the bare minimum that some departments are looking for. The bachelor's in public safety makes you a well-rounded firefighter because you're able to understand the bigger picture of public safety and other departments including finance, planning and budgeting. This degree could set you up for success long-term."

Tyler Chesher, Lieutenant, Loveland Fire Rescue Authority

Because effective communication and collaboration are vital to public safety work, you’ll also gain soft skills to help you work with other teams and agencies, including:

  • Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Networking
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Adaptability

Careers in Public Safety

Working in public safety management allows you to take your career in new directions where you can potentially partner with other agencies in emergency situations. Examples of careers you can pursue with a bachelor’s degree in public safety include:

  • Emergency Management Director
  • EMS Manager or Chief Level Officer/Director
  • Disaster Response Coordinator
  • Public Safety Security Manager
  • Law Enforcement Commander or Staff Level Manager
  • Chief Level Fire Officer
  • Crisis Management Coordinator
  • Community Service Manager

Aims Public Safety Bachelor’s Degree Faculty and Staff 

Faculty for the public safety bachelor’s degree courses at Aims have varied field experience both in Colorado and beyond. Dedicated to excellence and supporting students, faculty will prepare you to become a leader and advance your career.