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Headshot of Aims Community College Humanities Instructor Douglas Grattan

Douglas Grattan

Adjunct Instructor, Humanities & Philosophy

Educational Background

  • MA Philosophy—Colorado State University
  • BA Philosophy—University of Michigan--Flint

Professional Background

I have four years of teaching experience at Aims and Front Range Community College (and the University of Northern Colorado, starting Fall 2022), where I teach a mixture of Intro, Ethics, Business Ethics and Environmental Ethics. My area of expertise is applied ethics, and I have special concentrations in animal rights, environmental ethics and bioethics. In recent years I’ve also taken to in-depth study of African and Indigenous philosophy in order to gain and teach different perspectives and ways of thought. 

Personal Interests

Outside of teaching and working on publishing my first book, I’m a drummer with a love for jazz, blues, and metal. I’m an unabashed fan of Star Wars and Harry Potter, enjoy hiking and spending as much time outside as my schedule allows, am a voracious reader, and when time allows, I enjoy video games as well.