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Guest Portal

Students can give a parent, spouse or other trusted proxy full or limited access to their myAims accounts with the Aims Guest Portal. 

How to Setup a Proxy

  1. Information about person needed (name of person and email address of person).
  2. Setup Guest Portal Access
  3. Enter your Aims ID (A#), and your myAims password.
  4. Click on Add Proxy located on the Web page.
  5. Complete all fields and then click on the Add Proxy button.
  6. Proxy list Web-page displays.
  7. Click on the yellow down arrow next to the new proxy to open Proxy profile.
  8. Select a relationship type.
  9. Change start and stop dates if necessary.
  10. Click on the authorizations tab.
  11. Select the information pages your guest will be able to access.
  12. Emails are sent to the guest and to the student.
  13. Be aware the guest’s temporary password will expire in five days from the date you complete this setup. If the guest does not complete login setup within the five days, the guest will be unable to login until you, the student, reset their password and a new password is sent to the guest via email.
  14. Congratulations you have completed setup.