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Tuition Appeals

The Tuition Appeals Committee considers requests for adjustment to tuition and fee charges when a student can document acceptable extenuating circumstances.

How to File a Tuition Appeal

  • Carefully review the Tuition Appeal guidelines and make sure you are not appealing for a commonly denied reason.
  • Complete the online Appeal for Tuition Refund Form 
  • Upload all supporting documentation listed in the Tuition Appeal guidelines into the document upload tool.
  • Submit to complete the request.

If you are unable to access the online form submission tool, A printable Appeal for Tuition Refund Form is available upon email request. Paper submissions can be submitted via USPS mail or drop off at our office. :

  • Mail form via USPS to:  
    Aims Community College, Attn: Cashier office
    P.O. Box 69, Greeley, CO, 80632 

What to Expect

  • Appeals are reviewed every two weeks.  
  • Once the Tuition Appeal committee has reached a decision, the student will be sent an email stating the decision and action to be taken next by the college or the student.
    • If Tuition Appeal is “Approved”, the student’s tuition account will be adjusted accordingly. Be sure to go over the impact an approved appeal will have on your financial aid eligibility.
    • If Tuition Appeal is “Pending additional documentation”, the committee is requesting additional documentation in order to make a final decision. The student will have 30 days to submit the additional documentation or the appeal will be denied.
    • If Tuition Appeal is “Denied”, a student can request for the Tuition Appeal to be reconsidered by the committee as long as the student can supply additional documentation to support the circumstances.
  • An appeal of the final decision of the Appeal Committee may be made to the Dean of Students if the student has extenuating circumstances that includes confidential information (e.g. personal, medical, etc); or can not, or will not document the circumstances through the original appeals. The student needs to complete the Tuition Appeals Process first.

Tuition Appeals are for students requesting a refund of their tuition charges due to extenuating circumstances that occurred during the semester. No grades recorded on the student’s transcripts will be affected by this process. Posted grades will remain on the student’s academic record. 

Before you file an appeal, please consider if your circumstance is due to an issue with an instructor, curriculum or course instruction methods. If so, please visit with the instructor, Department Chair or the appropriate Academic Dean before initiating the appeal process. If a student has filed a prior appeal, it may be taken into consideration.

The deadline for submitting a Tuition Appeal is 1 year from the last day of the term for which you are appealing. Tuition appeal submitted for semesters older than one year of age will be denied.
You must officially withdraw from course(s) prior to submission of your Tuition Appeal. 

If a Tuition Appeal is submitted and you are a Financial Aid, VA33 or other financial assistance recipient, the funding may be impacted and you may potentially owe Aims Community College money.

  • Medical Reasons: written documentation from the treating physician/hospital must accompany the appeal and must provide:
    • Details regarding the nature and extent of the condition.
    • Date the medical condition was first diagnosed.
    • Date(s) of treatment, and/ office visit.
    • If applicable: Date(s) of hospitalization or other confinement, date of release, and date that recuperation period ended.
  • Death in the immediate family: documentation of the death must accompany the appeal as well as a personal statement that explains how the death affected the student's ability to complete the school term.
  • Change in hours or location of employment that is beyond the student’s control and prevents the student from attending the classes for which he/she is registered. A signed letter from the student’s employer written on company letterhead must accompany the tuition appeal. The letter must include the following:
    • Reason for and date of the change in work schedule and/or location.
    • The student’s work hours prior to the change and the work hours resulting in the change.
    • Was the student made aware of the expected change in work hours prior to formal implementation? If yes, when?
  • Unusual circumstances can include but are not limited to the following:
    • Incarceration
    • Natural Disaster such as flood, tornado, fire, etc  

  • Neglect to comply with drop, withdrawal and registration cancellation policies and deadlines as published in the Schedule of Classes.
  • Incomplete Appeals: responses are incomplete; no signature, documentation not submitted as requested, no reason provided.
  • Documentation is submitted without an Appeal request.
  • Student has not withdrawn from the course for which tuition adjustment is being requested.
  • Documentation from the physician or employer is not reviewed by the student prior to submitting. Physicians and employers often submit incomplete documentation.
  • Students believe that by not attending class they do not owe tuition.
  • Student enrolled in a course that required prerequisites that were not met and now wants tuition charges removed.
  • Student enrolled in a course that does not satisfy degree requirements.
  • Student wants to withdraw because she/he did not receive financial assistance.
  • Student believes that because they did not receive a tuition bill that they are excused from making payment. Students are responsible to know when tuition is due.
  • Instructor says they will take care of it. Student is responsible for changes to his/her schedule (e.g. registration, drop, or withdrawal).
  • Appeal is submitted over 1 year after the course is taken.
  • Student received financial aid for the term of request; appeal would change enrollment status. Full balance of any difference in financial aid eligibility must be repaid prior to consideration of appeal.