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Financial Aid

Cost of Attendance

A financial aid advisor helps a student calculate their tuition cost.

When the Office of Financial Aid determines your eligibility for financial aid, we take into consideration your estimated costs for tuition, fees, books and supplies.  In addition, we also estimate the costs of your living expenses and transportation. 

The following are average costs of attendance for a full-time student during the 2024-2025 school year (fall and spring).

Students Living with Parents or Relatives

Average costs of attendance for full-time students living with parents or relatives.
Residency Tuition* and Fees Room/Board Books/Supplies Personal/Medical Transportation Total Cost
In-District $2,258 $11,187 $1,488 $4,257 $1,548 $20,738
Out-of-District $3,410 $11,187 $1,488 $4,257 $1,548 $21,890
Western Undergraduate $4,970 $11,187 $1,488 $4,257 $1,548 $23,450
Out-of-State $11,786 $11,187 $1,488 $4,257 $1,548 $30,266

Students Living Independently

Average cost of attendance for full-time students living independently.
Residency Tuition*/ Fees Room/Board Books/Supplies Personal/Medical Transportation Total Cost
In-District $2,258 $16,776 $1,488 $4,446 $1,548 $26,516
Out-of-District $3,410 $16,776 $1,488 $4,446 $1,548 $27,668
Western Undergraduate $4,970 $16,776 $1,488 $4,446 $1,548 $29,228
Out-of-State $11,786 $16,776 $1,488 $4,446 $1,548 $36,044

*Tuition costs are calculated at standard tuition rates for 24 credits.  Some courses/programs may have higher tuition costs.

Please note. In Colorado the value for all allowable cost of attendance components, except for tuition and fees, is annually determined by the Colorado Department of Higher Education. Individual expenses will vary based on your choice of lifestyle and living arrangements.

Financial Aid Calculator

Tools on the Federal Student Aid website are available to assist you and your family in exploring your financial aid options and to get an early start on the financial aid process.  This will provide you with an opportunity to increase your knowledge of the financial aid process and with the various types of student aid. When you are ready to attend college, you will need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

DISCLAIMER: Federal regulations, as set forth in the Higher Education Opportunities Act, require that all institutions of higher education, including Aims Community College, make publicly available a Net Price Calculator to assist with estimates of the cost of attendance. The U.S. Department of Education provided the template for this Net Price Calculator (NPC). The NPC, and any information made available to you, are provided as self-help tools for independent use and are not intended to offer financial advice.

Aims cannot guarantee the accuracy or applicability of the Net Price Calculator or its results in regard to individual circumstances. The NPC does not account for some information that could significantly affect your cost estimate. For instance, the NPC uses only standard (not differential) tuition rates and calculates on 12 credit hours per semester. Also, note that the Net Price Calculator reflects information from the 2015-16 academic year, as specified by the U.S. Department of Education

For personalized help in estimating your cost and available financial assistance, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at