Common Problems for Which Appeals are Denied

  1. Neglect to comply with drop, withdrawal and registration cancellation policies and deadlines as published in the Schedule of Classes.
  2. Incomplete Appeals: Responses are incomplete; no signature, documentation not submitted as requested, no reason provided.
  3. Documentation is submitted without Appeal request.
  4. Student has not withdrawn from the course for which tuition adjustment is being requested.
  5. Documentation from physician or employer is not reviewed by the student prior to submitting. Physicians and employers often submit incomplete documentation.
  6. Students believe that by not attending class they do not owe tuition.
  7. Student enrolled in a course that required prerequisites that were not met and now wants tuition charges removed.
  8. Student enrolled in a course that does not satisfy degree requirements.
  9. Student wants to withdraw because she/he did not receive financial assistance.
  10. Student thinks that because they did not receive a tuition bill that they are excused from making payment. Students are responsible to know when tuition is due.
  11. Instructor says they will take care of it. Student is responsible for changes to his/her schedule (e.g. registration, drop, or withdrawal).
  12. Appeal is submitted over 1 year after course is taken.
  13. Received financial aid for term of request; appeal would change enrollment status. Full balance of any difference in financial aid eligibility must be repaid prior to consideration of appeal.