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Registration and Records


Aims has retained all academic transcripts since it began in 1967 & all students are assigned an Aims ID, no matter how long it's been since they have attended. If you require assistance finding your Aims ID number please call the Registration and Records Office at 970-339-6404. 

Aims transcripts can be ordered via Parchment and one Parchment account can be used for all institutions you have attended. Paper transcripts typically get sent within 24 business hours of the receipt of the request. During peak registration times, it may take longer. Electronic transcripts typically get sent within a half hour of your online request, but can take up to 24 hours during high volume times. At this time, Aims does not charge for transcripts. 


Current/Active Students (if you have attended Aims within the past 3 semesters)

  • Login to your myAims account.
    • Once logged in, select ‘Grades & Academic Records,’ then ‘Order Transcript’ at the bottom of the page.


Alumni and Former Students:

*Please note: If you had a prior Parchment account, before December 3, 2021, and are having trouble ordering your transcript, please contact Parchment support using the information below, as your old account may need to be deactivated. 

*If you need additional assistance, please use the following resources:


Third-Party Orders:

Third parties who may request transcripts on behalf of students may include:

  • Accredited educational institutions
  • Transcript processing companies
  • Military
  • Law firms, legal counsel
  • Government institutions

Third parties who may not request on behalf of a student:

  • Parents
  • Spouses
  • Family members
  • Private employers
  • Others with no legitimate educational interest


If you are a Third-Party requesting on Official Transcript on behalf of a student:

  • Obtain a signed Student Release Form. A third-party may use its own Records Release form, as long as it meets the required criteria: Student’s name, any previous names while attending, date of birth, dates of attendance and last 4 digits of the SSN (optional).
  • Create an online account by visiting Parchment’s Order on Behalf of Others page.
  • When completing the online transcript order, be sure to attach the signed transcript release form. No transcript will be released without this information included.  

In three to five business days, you'll receive a digitally signed electronic PDF transcript that includes the student's academic history from Aims Community College.