Information Technology

Computers and Printing

The Learning Commons computer labs are some of the best places to get work done on ACC campuses. Each computer lab has different hours and capabilities, but all are available for students to study, check email, and print.

What can I expect in a computer lab?

ACC’s campus computer labs offer a variety of work environments. Some have classrooms or individual study areas while others feature collaborative spaces for group work. However, each lab provides access to Wi-Fi and power outlets for personal devices.


Aims uses a print management system called GoPrint, which supports campus-wide efforts to go green and helps track individual usage and allocate costs for print services on campus. When you print you will get a pop up window. Simply enter your myaims login and password and then you can print.


Students are allotted a $5 (50 page) printing quota each semester from the time they log into GoPrint. If not used, the amount will accrue from semester to semester. Printing accounts are connected to your myAims account and if you use up your allotment, you can add more money to your GoPrint account. You can use a campus computer to refill using a credit or debit card, or you can use one of the cash-to-account machines and apply your cash to your GoPrint account.

If you would like to check your account, login at or double-click the GoPrint icon on your computer.

Standard print pricing

Type of Printing

Costs Per Page:

Standard Black / White

$0.10 per page

Duplex Black / White

$0.15 per page




If one of your print jobs is ruined by low toner, a paper jam or other printer error, tell a lab technician in the Academic Resource Center. The technician will provide a refund to your account directly. If a lab tech is unavailable, contact the Help Desk at (970) 339-6380. (Note: Refunds are not given for unused pages at the end of a semester.)

If you have trouble printing from an Aims classroom and would like to request a credit, please submit a request for credit. It may take up to two business days before any credit will show up on your account.

Request for Credit

Printing Tips

You can also save money on printing with these helpful tips:

Additional Information and How-Tos: