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Information Technology

Connecting to the Network

What’s your highest priority after getting on campus? We bet it’s getting online. Aims students, faculty, and staff can access the Internet via Aims Secure, the college’s encrypted Wi-Fi network.


Aims secure

Aims Secure is the college’s Wi-Fi network. It delivers 50 Megabits per second (Mbps) of bandwidth and is encrypted to keep you and your data safe. Aims Secure can be accessed in most buildings on campus as well as many outdoor locations. 

Are you a student?

Connect to the "AIMS-SECURE-STUDENT" network and use your myAims username and password.

Are you a faculty or staff?

Connect to the "AIMS-SECURE-EMPLOYEE" network and use your network/Windows (the one you use to log into your computer) username and password.

Are you visiting Aims?

Connect to “AIMS-Guest” easily be reading the notice.

Configure your laptop or phone for encrypted wireless

Select your operating system:

Aims campus network (wired)

Aims employees have access the Aims campus network. The Aims campus network provides high-speed, reliable connectivity throughout our campuses. The campus network supports both data and voice services. To set up a computer in your office on campus or if you are having trouble with your wired connection, contact the Help Desk at x6380 or

Most Aims offices, classrooms, laboratories, and public spaces have at least one wired network station supporting active network jacks.