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Pending Residency

Initial Classification

Initial Classification occurs at the time that the student is admitted (or in the term that a student is re-admitted) to Aims Community College and is determined based on the information that the student reports in their Application for Admission.  Failure to answer all questions could lead to initial classification as "pending" and, if no additional (or insufficient) information is submitted, then classification would default to "Out-of-State" and the student will be responsible for paying Out-of-State rates until the necessary documentation and/or forms have been submitted. After the student's residency status is determined (changed from "pending" to any other status), it will remain unchanged in the absence of satisfactory evidence to the contrary. 

If a student feels that their initial classification is incorrect and they have not yet begun classes in their first semester (or first semester back) or if a student was set in a "pending" residency status, they may update their residency information by completing a Tuition Classification Addendum form. (Note that there are other forms for initial classification based on other certain exemptions to classification. To view all options, please visit the following site.) If the student is not sure which form is right for them, please contact the Registration team at