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Here are the requirements for students who wish to transfer credits they earned at another institution to Aims and for students who are ready to transfer their Aims credits to a four-year college or university.  

Transferring To Aims

Undergraduate credit hours awarded within the prior 10 years from any regionally-accredited higher education institution may be transferred to an Aims Community College degree or certificate program if the courses apply to the completion of the student's graduation requirements.

Credits older than 10 years will also receive careful consideration for transfer. The college reserves the right to examine all credits to determine equivalency of content. Obsolete course content is not considered equivalent. To be eligible for transfer, courses must have been completed with a "C" grade or better at an accredited college or university, or other approved institution.

Students must have a current application on file with the Registration and Records Office and must have a degree or certificate declared. Transfer credits will be accepted only if the course(s) satisfy requirements for the Aims degree or certificate the student is seeking.

Obtain a Transfer Credit Evaluation

1. Apply for Admission to Aims and declare a degree or certificate.

2. Order official transcripts from all previously attended institutions and have them sent by secure electronic third-party sending service or by mail to: 

Registration & Records
PO Box 69
Greeley, CO 80632

3. Although we prefer transcripts to be sent directly from your college or university, we will accept a hand-carried official transcript only if it is sealed and signed by a college official. Unofficial and opened official transcripts may only be used for course placement, not for credit transfer.

4. Official transcripts will be evaluated in the order they are received. The completed evaluation will be emailed to the student’s Aims email account within 30 days of transcript receipt.

Transferring From Aims

Many Aims course credits transfer to any university in Colorado. Students can make an appointment with a Pathway Advisor to find out how to transfer Aims credits to a four-year college or university to pursue a four-year degree. 

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