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Campus Safety and Security

Campus Safety and Security FAQ

This page provides answers to common questions that staff, students and visitors may have related to their safety and security on campus.

Please contact the appropriate Campus Safety and Security campus office to report a missing item and to see if the item you lost has been turned in. 

Please return any found items to the Campus Safety and Security office on the campus where the item was found. 

If you received a parking citation, you will need to pay the fee at the Cashier’s Office. If you have a question about the citation please use the phone number in the sidebar to call Campus Security at the location where you received the parking violation.

Please contact Campus Security at the correct campus location immediately to report your missing key/badge and we can help you with the next steps to obtain a replacement.

Be sure to register or update your contact information within the RAVE app to receive weather and emergency closure updates. Additional information about closure communication can be found here.